Kayak - 13k

For multisporters the Crazyman kicks off with a scenic sea kayak across Wellington's eastern harbour bays, from Days Bay in Eastbourne to the iconic Petone Wharf and Hutt River. If you can paddle a sea kayak or beginner multisport kayak for an hour in harbour conditions, then you are capable of the Crazyman kayak section.

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Mountain Bike - 30k

This epic ride up the Hutt River Trail and over Belmont Regional Park takes in a secret tunnel, the 442m high Boulder Hill, old WWII bunkers, historic horse and cart trails, and several kilometres of single track. The challenging 30k is achievable by anyone who can handle a hilly two hour mtb ride. That's if the views don't take your breath away.

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Trail Run - 13k

This spectacular run is a fitting finale. From Belmont Regional Park's historic Woolshed, you'll scout around Belmont Trig and follow Korokoro Stream's beautiful bush tracks to finish by the iconic Petone Wharf. If you can handle an hour off-road with a few hills along the way, you're capable of completing the Crazyman run. 

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